We Are Open!!!

So the big day is finally here. We will be open tomorrow morning (Thursday 1/30) at 10am. Come on out and check out the new store.

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  1. Harold Pavelka says:

    I wish you all the best in this new venture. Northern Virginia is in dire need of a good train store and I hope that your store grows to be a spot that everyone wants to deal with. We need a store that carries products that cover the entire hobby from the newbie to the old time scratchbuilder. I have been to the store and I am glad to see the variety of products already offered, and can see that this store will be THE place to go to for trains.
    Keep up the good work, you have a great start.

  2. Do you have an email address so I can invite you to submit your details to my online Directory?

    Best Regards and congratulations on ther new store, so very rare these days.
    Adrian Hall
    The North American Model Shop Directory

  3. Toy Trains & Collectibles
    February 15 ~ March 1
    Discounts – Mark Downs
    Door Prize Drawings Daily
    Win a Lionel Train Set (Thomas & Friends or Scout Freight)
    Winner’s Name Drawn March 1 at COB